How to do a hot oil treatment

Hello Beauties!

On my hair page I previously talked about the benefits of hot oil treatments. This treatment is done prior to you washing your hair, so that your hair won’t be stripped of it’s natural oils. Hot oil treatments help strengthen the hair as well as it moisturizes and adds shine. If you suffer from dry scalp/dandruff doing this treatment will help with this issue. As well as it promotes hair growth by increasing blood circulation and preventing split ends.

Below is a step by step video on how to do a hot oil treatment:





Hello Beauties!

Eyelashes are hair, they need to be treated just like the hair on your head if you want long full lashes! My whole life I’ve had short stubby lashes, that lay down instead of curling upward. If you’re experiencing the same problem, do not worry! I have a solution! After doing a lot of research I have found that Castor oil has many nutrients that contribute to hair growth, even for your lashes!

So if you’re longing for long full lashes without having to wear mascara which can irritate the eye, try making your own eyelash serum at home! Pick up simple ingredients such as: Castor oil, almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel and or vitamin E. Rinse out an old mascara container or an old liquid eyeliner container and mix your desired ingredients (be sure to add the ingredients equally). Apply your serum on your eyelashes before bed. You could just use Castor oil alone, I find it to be one of the most active ingredients in my eyelash serum potion. Remember to be patient, you won’t see results right away.

It can take up to two weeks to see results and the key is to keep at it the same way you keep at your hair regimen! Below I have pictures that I recorded during a two week span of using my eyelash serum potion.


Hair Tips

Hello Beauties! Tonight I’m going to share a few hair tips with you that have aided me on my natural hair journey.

Tip #1 – Satin Pillow Case: If you hate wearing a bonnet or have trouble keeping your bonnet on at night, best solution is to get a satin pillow case! Having a satin pillow case I experience less split ends, knots and breakage. As well as it keeps the hair from getting dry.

Tip #2 – Wooden comb: If you’re experiencing breakage while combing your hair, try using a wooden comb! Wooden combs glide through the hair instead of pulling, it also covers your hair stands in your natural oils while you’re combing!


Tip #3 – Cotton T-shirt: Drying my hair with a towel usually dries my hair out and causes frizz! After trying the cotton t-shirt method I have noticed it being softer, shinier and hydrated.

Tip #4 – Pineapple: For those who don’t know, a pineapple is a loose ponytail that sits on the very top of your head. When I pineapple my hair I don’t tie my hair with the scrunchie, I place the scrunchie around my hair. This method helps keep my curls fresh and shiny while I sleep. It also helps prevent breakage, knots and frizz! The next day I take down my hair by gently removing the scunchie and fluff out my curls, with oil on my fingers tips. I hope you enjoy your voluminous mane after letting your pineapple down!

I hope my tips have been helpful! Please come check back soon!

Protect your Crown

Your hair is your glory! Why not cherish it? It’s important to wear a protective style, especially in the winter to avoid dryness and breakage! I typically leave my hair twisted for four days after I’ve done the LOC method. Having it twisted and pinned up during the day prevents split ends and dryness. Less split ends equals longer hair!

While leaving it twisted, two days after I’ve done the LOC method I moisturize my scalp by massaging it with oil. If you notice your edges getting dry, spray them with water (making it damp) and apply your favorite hair cream. Wear a scarf to bed to lay your edges. Four days after I’ve done the LOC method, I like to re-moisturize my twists by spraying them with water (making it damp, not drenched) and apply small amounts of cream and oil on each twist. You could also re-moisturize by untwisting or unplaiting your hair one at a time, spray your hair, apply your cream and oil and re-twist or re-plait the hair. Be sure to wear a satin bonnet to bed.


The next day, oil your finger tips and loose out your hair and enjoy that beautiful, shiny, hydrated, defined curl pattern! After wearing my hair out for the day, at night I wear my hair in a pineapple to keep my curls fresh! The next day I let my hair down and fluff it out with oil on my finger tips. After a couple of days, you notice your hair looking less shiny, this is a cue to wash your hair! I hope this tip was helpful! Please come check back later.

Shampoo aftermath

So you did your Hot oil treatment, Washed and Deep conditioned your hair … before you know it your hair is dry and puffy! You try to re-wet it and add your favorite hair cream and still before you know it, your hair is dry, puffy and your curls less defined. “What can I do!?” you may wonder. Well let me give you a tip that I found so helpful after doing lots of research, The L.O.C Method! L is for Leave-in conditioner (or liquid), O is for oil and C is for cream!

The LOC method simply is applying leave-in conditioner, oil and cream on your hair in that order. Leave-in conditioner is great for moisturizing and adding shine to the hair, it keeps the hair soft and making it easy to detangle. Oil helps seal the hair with moisture and cream closes the hair cuticle to prevent you from having dry hair! Doing this method, I have noticed extreme shine and softness. So if you’re experiencing dry hair only half way through the week, this hydrating method is just right for you!


After doing the LOC method, have your hair plaited or twisted for the night or until its dry the next day, is what I recommend if you want the best results! Having your hair plaited or twisted prevents tangles and knots while its wet, as well as preventing shrinkage. Below are instructions on how to do the LOC method for those of you who don’t already know.

Step 1 – After your hair has been washed and deep conditioned, dry your hair with an old cotton t-shirt and divide your hair into four sections.

Step 2 – After dividing the hair, start with a section of your choice and apply your favorite leave-in conditioner, your oil potion and hair cream in that order. Detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb then plait or twist. Repeat this process for the three remaining sections.

Step 3 – After your hair is plaited or twisted, be sure to moisturize your edges with water and hair cream. Wear a scarf to keep your edges from rubbing on your pillow, as well as a bonnet to keep your ends hydrated at night.

Finally – The next day or after your hair has completely dried, loose out your plaits or twists. Be sure to oil your finger tips before you loose your hair out, so that your fingers glide through your hair causing less frizz.

I hope I’ve been helpful, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Benefits of Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is a must, especially for natural hair! You should ALWAYS deep condition your hair after it has been washed. Deep conditioning your hair will prevent damage and will aid in keeping your hair in good health! I cannot stress how important deep conditioning is. It helps to keep your hair moisturized, enhances texture, makes it soft as well as decreasing breakage.

Hair masks are also a benefit to your hair. Like deep conditioning, it helps to keep your hair moisturized! Some people don’t know that keeping your hair hydrated is an important key when it comes down to hair growth. The more hydrated your hair is the less breakage you’ll experience. Some of my favorite ingredients to use in my hair mask Potion are Olive oil for moisture and shine, Coconut milk to prevent split ends, Peppermint oil for hair growth and Tea tree oil to foster your roots! Below are directions on how to deep condition your hair for those of you who don’t already know.


Step 1 – After your hair has been washed, divide your hair into four sections and apply deep conditioner on your hair thoroughly (be sure to focus more on your ends because this is the oldest part of your hair!)

Step 2 – After applying your deep conditioner, cover your head with a shower cap for 30 mins.

Finally – Wash it out and apply your favorite natural hair products!

If you prefer to use your homemade hair mask, apply the mask before you wash it. Cover your head with a shower cap for 30 mins then go on with your regular wash routine. Please come check back later!





Benefits of Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments work great for all hair types. Before every shampoo/co-wash, I do a hot oil treatment so that while I’m washing my hair, my hair won’t be stripped of it’s natural oils. Hot oil treatments prevents dry scalp and dandruff. As well as it being moisture for the hair, increases blood circulation for the scalp, strengthens the hair and adds shine! Below I have instructions on how to do a hot oil treatment for those who don’t already know.


Step 1 – Get your favorite base oils and essential oils and combine them together in an applicator bottle.

Step 2 – Boil a kettle of water. Once it comes to a boil, pour water into a heat resistant bowl.

Step 3 – Place your bottle of oil in the hot water for 10 mins. (Let it cool off for at least 2 mins. before applying it to hair and scalp.)

Step 4- Divide hair into four sections. Start with one section by applying oil to the scalp. Thoroughly massage your scalp and apply the excess oil on your hands onto your hair by starting from the ends up. Repeat this process with the other three remaining sections.

Step 5 – After you have completed this process, cover your head with a shower cap for 30 mins.

Finally – Wash it out with your favorite sulfate free shampoo or a co wash!

Some of my favorite oils to use in my hot oil Potion are Coconut oil to avoid split ends, Olive oil to reduce dandruff, Peppermint oil to promote hair growth and Tea Tree oil to foster your roots. I hope I was much help, please come check back later!


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