Benefits of Blue vervain

Grand Rising, Beauties!

You ever get outta bed and feel like crap? You wish you could just stay hidden in your room all day, just wishing that everything/everyone would just disappear? Yeah, that’s me sometimes. This is what you might call depression. Good thing I have something for that, and no, its not meds!

There is this herb I found out about through Dr. Sebi, its called blue vervain! It’s mostly known to treat anxiety and mood, so whenever you’re feeling depressed or stressed, this herb will help put you at ease! (I haven’t taken this herb in a while, so that explains why I’ve been feeling so crappy lol!) Not only is blue vervain great for crappy moods, its known to detox the body as well. I gave this herb to my brother when he was sick, he had a lot of mucus and the next day he felt 80% better, this stuff is no joke!

It gets even better! Blue vervain is awesome for breastfeeding mothers, there are times when women cant produce milk after giving birth. But that’s okay, blue vervain is on your side! Blue vervain helps mothers with milk production, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on powder (which we call formula)! As I’ve stated earlier, its good for moods! So mommy, not only will this help your milk production, but your stress levels too!

As you can see, blue vervain is great for a lot of things including oral health. In tea form its said to help with the health of your gums, so if you suffer from things such as plaque build up, bleeding gums, gum disease, mouth ulcers and gingivitis blue vervain is here to help you! I take it in capsule form, I break open the capsule over my tongue and I take it down with a cup of water. I never swallow the capsules that my herbs come in because, well, plastic isn’t good for the body nor mother earth! (Well, I better go now before I start babbling on lol!) I hope I’ve been helpful, please check back for more health tips!

Benefits of Red Clover

Hello, Beauties! Welcome back!

My blog is all about health and beauty and I believe to reach your full potential of beauty you must achieve that by being as healthy as possible! As I’ve said before, health and beauty come hand in hand, soul sistars! So today I wanna talk about this amazing herb that has made such an impact on my life! All of us wombmen experience PMS, and well all know it sucks. You feel bloated, you get pimples and the worst of it all, CRAMPS!

PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome, PMS usually appears the week before and during your period. During this period of time you may experience mood swings, food longing and lower abdominal pain. Going through this phase may make you feel depressed and less beautiful and I’m here to tell you, sistar, that’s not true! You’re beautiful no matter what! But we could always use a healthy crutch until we get out of the rut!

Turmeric and Red clover has been the magic I needed to help me through PMS. Turmeric and red clover both are good for inflammation in the uterus. I have suffered from endometriosis for so many years, there were times it kept me from work. My cycles were painful, unpredictable and heavy so more recently I started healing myself the holistic way, and I have to say this is the best I’ve ever been! Red clover is a luminous colored, three leaf flower, it has been great for PMS and my skin.

Red clover originated from Africa, Asia and Europe and can now be found in the U.S. It has a source of isoflavones that are identical to the female hormones such as estrogen, which would explain why it’s so great at combating PMS. During ovulation I like to take red clover to ensure a lighter, less painful menstrual cycle. My skin seems to have more of a radiance and less pimples since I incorporated this lovely herb into my daily regimen. Red clover can be consumed in tea form or pill capsules, I take the capsules and break them open over my tongue. You might want to have a glass of water on hand, the taste might not be so pleasant!

Not only is Red clover great for skin, so is Turmeric! Turmeric is one of my favorite seasonings, you can eat it and drink it too! Although it doesn’t taste so great, I make Turmeric tea by simply adding a teaspoon of turmeric, agave nectar and key lime to hot brewed water. With the combination of Turmeric and red clover, PMS doesn’t stand a chance! During my menstrual cycle now, I experience less cramps so I’m able to go out and about. I feel more healthy and beautiful than ever, I hope I’ve been helpful, please check back for more health tips!