Healthy diet = Healthy skin


Yesterday we talked about how water intake is important for healthy, beautiful skin. Tonight I wanna talk more about how your diet can affect the skin. Some people experience acne even after taking steps to clear it up; such as face washes, face masks  ect. Well, your diet could be the culprit! Processed foods, junk foods, food that have hydrogenated fats and food with high glycemic index are few examples.

After doing research, I have come to find that there are foods that promote healthy skin. Such as, carrots for glow, sunflower seeds to fight acne, kiwi for wrinkles, walnuts for dry skin and dark chocolate for rough skin. Not only is a healthy diet beneficial for the skin but as well as your overall health! So lets do this together! Go to your local super market a pick up some healthy food to benefit your skin.

Incorporate more veggies, nuts, seeds, grains and berries in your diet. Even try to cut back on dairy as much as you can (if you’re really a milk lover try to substitute cows milk with almond milk and thank me later)! I’ll frequently post health advice, tips, regimens and potions, come check back later! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

2 thoughts on “Healthy diet = Healthy skin

  1. YES. I have struggled so hard with acne for 12 or more years of my life. It didn’t get any better when entering adulthood. I tried all kinds of face washes and even medications growing up, and nothing helped me. Recently, I did the candida diet for a month and a half, and since then have cut down majorly on dairy, sugar, and gluten. And for the first time since I was 12, my acne feels like it’s really gone! I look at food in a whole different way these days.

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    1. Hi Holly, I’m so happy to hear that a healthy diet has helped you overcome your acne! You’re a prime example of what living and eating healthy can accomplish. Stay healthy and beautiful ❤

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