Hair Tips

Hello Beauties! Tonight I’m going to share a few hair tips with you that have aided me on my natural hair journey.

Tip #1 – Satin Pillow Case: If you hate wearing a bonnet or have trouble keeping your bonnet on at night, best solution is to get a satin pillow case! Having a satin pillow case I experience less split ends, knots and breakage. As well as it keeps the hair from getting dry.

Tip #2 – Wooden comb: If you’re experiencing breakage while combing your hair, try using a wooden comb! Wooden combs glide through the hair instead of pulling, it also covers your hair stands in your natural oils while you’re combing!


Tip #3 – Cotton T-shirt: Drying my hair with a towel usually dries my hair out and causes frizz! After trying the cotton t-shirt method I have noticed it being softer, shinier and hydrated.

Tip #4 – Pineapple: For those who don’t know, a pineapple is a loose ponytail that sits on the very top of your head. When I pineapple my hair I don’t tie my hair with the scrunchie, I place the scrunchie around my hair. This method helps keep my curls fresh and shiny while I sleep. It also helps prevent breakage, knots and frizz! The next day I take down my hair by gently removing the scunchie and fluff out my curls, with oil on my fingers tips. I hope you enjoy your voluminous mane after letting your pineapple down!

I hope my tips have been helpful! Please come check back soon!

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