Protect your Crown

Your hair is your glory! Why not cherish it? It’s important to wear a protective style, especially in the winter to avoid dryness and breakage! I typically leave my hair twisted for four days after I’ve done the LOC method. Having it twisted and pinned up during the day prevents split ends and dryness. Less split ends equals longer hair!

While leaving it twisted, two days after I’ve done the LOC method I moisturize my scalp by massaging it with oil. If you notice your edges getting dry, spray them with water (making it damp) and apply your favorite hair cream. Wear a scarf to bed to lay your edges. Four days after I’ve done the LOC method, I like to re-moisturize my twists by spraying them with water (making it damp, not drenched) and apply small amounts of cream and oil on each twist. You could also re-moisturize by untwisting or unplaiting your hair one at a time, spray your hair, apply your cream and oil and re-twist or re-plait the hair. Be sure to wear a satin bonnet to bed.


The next day, oil your finger tips and loose out your hair and enjoy that beautiful, shiny, hydrated, defined curl pattern! After wearing my hair out for the day, at night I wear my hair in a pineapple to keep my curls fresh! The next day I let my hair down and fluff it out with oil on my finger tips. After a couple of days, you notice your hair looking less shiny, this is a cue to wash your hair! I hope this tip was helpful! Please come check back later.

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