Shampoo aftermath

So you did your Hot oil treatment, Washed and Deep conditioned your hair … before you know it your hair is dry and puffy! You try to re-wet it and add your favorite hair cream and still before you know it, your hair is dry, puffy and your curls less defined. “What can I do!?” you may wonder. Well let me give you a tip that I found so helpful after doing lots of research, The L.O.C Method! L is for Leave-in conditioner (or liquid), O is for oil and C is for cream!

The LOC method simply is applying leave-in conditioner, oil and cream on your hair in that order. Leave-in conditioner is great for moisturizing and adding shine to the hair, it keeps the hair soft and making it easy to detangle. Oil helps seal the hair with moisture and cream closes the hair cuticle to prevent you from having dry hair! Doing this method, I have noticed extreme shine and softness. So if you’re experiencing dry hair only half way through the week, this hydrating method is just right for you!


After doing the LOC method, have your hair plaited or twisted for the night or until its dry the next day, is what I recommend if you want the best results! Having your hair plaited or twisted prevents tangles and knots while its wet, as well as preventing shrinkage. Below are instructions on how to do the LOC method for those of you who don’t already know.

Step 1 – After your hair has been washed and deep conditioned, dry your hair with an old cotton t-shirt and divide your hair into four sections.

Step 2 – After dividing the hair, start with a section of your choice and apply your favorite leave-in conditioner, your oil potion and hair cream in that order. Detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb then plait or twist. Repeat this process for the three remaining sections.

Step 3 – After your hair is plaited or twisted, be sure to moisturize your edges with water and hair cream. Wear a scarf to keep your edges from rubbing on your pillow, as well as a bonnet to keep your ends hydrated at night.

Finally – The next day or after your hair has completely dried, loose out your plaits or twists. Be sure to oil your finger tips before you loose your hair out, so that your fingers glide through your hair causing less frizz.

I hope I’ve been helpful, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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