Is that shampoo right for you?

Do you ever experience your hair feeling really dry and brittle after washing your hair? The sulfates in your shampoo could be the culprit! Sulfates are chemicals that are usually found in cleaning products that help lift grease. If you have curly hair, sulfates will more than likely strip your hair of its natural oils and BOOM! Your hair is now dry (dehydrated). Sulfates can also cause frizz and more damage to dyed hair by causing breakage.

So if you already aren’t using a sulfate free shampoo next time you go to your local hair store pick some up. If you aren’t sure of what shampoos have sulfates in them read the ingredients. Some people like myself, opt to use a co-wash instead. “What is a co-wash?” some of you may wonder. Co-washing (conditioning washing) is a shampoo free technique that cleanses the hair without stripping your natural oils!


I usually co-wash my hair once a week, the last week of the month I shampoo to get rid of all that build up. After I started the conditioning washing technique my hair is still hydrated and soft on my wash days. You can get a co-wash cleanser from your local hair store or you could just simply use conditioner, I personally prefer a co-wash cleanser so that not only are you keeping it moisturized it cleanses it as well. I hope that I’ve been helpful, please come check back later!

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