Sweat it out to Grow it out!

Daily/regular exercise is not only good for the body and Soul but also great to promote healthy hair growth. Like how massages promote hair growth by stimulating blood circulation under the scalp, exercise gets the blood flowing through the entire body! Getting your heart rate up and giving your body some movement will not only promote a healthy body but hair growth as well! When I was younger I thought working out was only for overweight people, which isn’t true! Working out is very beneficial to the body whether you wanna work out to lose weight, stay in shape, boost energy, increase your strength, gain flexibility, boost happiness or to promote hair growth! IMG_8424.jpg

So lets do this, Beauties! Throw on some sneakers and head to the gym or take a jog around the neighborhood. If you don’t like going to crowded gyms, just work out at home! There are plenty of work out videos on YouTube that don’t require you to go to the gym and for me, working out from home is more beneficial.

Please check back later! I’ll periodically post advice, my personal regimens, recommended natural products, Potions and concoctions. If you have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to comment or contact me under “Contact Me”

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