Healthy diet = Healthy Mane

Hello again!

Yesterday I touched base on how water intake is very important in aiding hair growth. Today I wanna talk about how your diet can contribute to not only having  long hair but also having Healthy Strong hair! Having a poor diet can stunt hair growth, cause hair to become dry and brittle. Brittle hair leads to breakage. So it’s important to eat foods that contains vitamins and nutrients to keep those gorgeous locks Soft, Shiny and Strong!

After doing research I found out a lot of information about foods that can help keep your hair Healthy and Strong. If you’re having issues with breakage try Guava, if you want more shine try Sweet Potatoes, if your hair has become brittle try Spinach, Cinnamon to increase blood circulation which promotes hair growth! But it doesn’t stop there. I could go on and on and on … but eating Healthy is so beneficial not only for your hair but for your overall well being!


Lets do this beauties! Go to a local Farmers Market (grocery store) find your favorite fruits and veggies and eat up! Consuming Raw fruits and veggies are said to have more health value than cooked fruits and vegetables. If you don’t really have much of a variety of fruits and veggies you like just grab Vitamin supplements, such as Biotin. So lets achieve our beauty goals the right way! I’ll periodically post advice, regimens and potions. If you having any questions or recommendations please feel free to contact me under “Contact Me”

Please come check back later!

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