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Waxing and Shaving

Winter is over, time to shave those hairy legs of yours! Shaving can be a pain! I experience really dry skin after shaving leaving me really ashy and scaly. Now, I’m sure nobody has any time for that. Especially you, my Beauties! Traditional store bought shaving creams makes me itch something fierce! And of course if something itches you need to scratch. Which of course means you end up ashy anyway from scratching.

So to avoid that issue, I make my own shaving cream! There are so many DIY’s on how to make shaving cream online, I like to use Mango butter, Coconut oil and Lavender oil. Mango butter is great for dry skin and can treat psoriasis and eczema, coconut oil is a very well known natural moisturizer and lavender comforts that itch! But what about RAZOR BUMPS!?! I hate razor bumps with a passion! The only thing you can do is try to prevent them!


The best way to try to prevent razor bumps is by not only making sure you’re using a clean razor… but to make sure you bathe before you shave. You also need to make sure your skin is always moisturized and to use scrubs to exfoliate your skin. “But what if I don’t shave? What if I wax?” some of you may wonder. I have tips for you too! Waxing can be VERY expensive, especially if you like to go to upscale spa’s (like me, because I find them MUCH cleaner)! Making you’re own wax is soooo much more afforable with simple ingredients such as sugar and lemon. That’s right, just sugar and lemon!

I love waxing for the simple fact that it lasts waayyy longer than shaving and you don’t have to worry about razor cuts! So if you waste a lot of money on waxing, why not make your own? Just like shaving, waxing can cause itchiness and dryness. So make sure you keep your skin moisturized or use aloe on the area after you’ve waxed. If you want more info on homemade wax there are lots of DIY’s on this subject as well.


Want a smaller waistline?



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Is that deodorant good for you?

No one wants stinking armpits, which is why we use deodorant of course! But is it safe to use? Well, would you eat deodorant? No? So why put it on your skin? If it’s not safe to eat, it’s not good for your skin! Many deodorants have quite a few toxins lurking in them that causes clogged pores, hormonal imbalance, irritated skin, organ problems and or allergic reactions. You may not be experiencing any of these issues as we speak, but that doesn’t mean problems won’t arise in the future.

Aluminum, steareths, propylene gylcol and articificial coloring are just a few toxic ingredients to stay away from! Jason deodorant is a good deodorant to pick up. It has NO aluminum, parabens, phthalates or propylene gycol. Not all natural deodorants work the same for everyone so it could take some time to find the one that works just right for you! I prefer to make my own deodorant because I know the exact ingedients, it’s all natural and affordable!


A few ingredients I like to use in my deodorant potion are Shea butter so it doesn’t clog my pores, Baking soda so it absorbs odor and Bentonite clay to absob sweat. But before trying to switch over to using natural deodorants, it’s important to detox your armpits first! You can do this by using Bentonite clay and Apple cider vinegar. Mix ingredients together thoroughly and apply it to your armpits. Let it sit for 15 mins before rinsing it off.

I recommend repeating this process for a week to fully detox your arm pits. Apple cider vinegar may cause a burning sensation so adding water or leaving it on for a shorter amount of time would help with that issue. I hope I’ve been helpful, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me! Check back later for daily health tips, DIY’s and regimens!

Hair vitamins


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Two day cleanse


Okayyy… so the Cleanse is for two types of people.
☝🏽Those who eat horrible and/or constantly feel bloated and need to get rid of that gut
✌🏽Those who want to jump start their
2 0 1 8 health goals by detoxing💧 their system.

It’s only for two days… Which are you?!?🤷🏽‍♀️


moisturizing habits

Hello and Welcome back!

How many of you skip out on moisturizing your face/skin after a shower? Hopefully not many because moisturizing the skin is just as important as cleansing it! Moisturizing keeps the skin from getting dehydrated, makes you glow and closes the pores to keep dirt out! Even in the Summer, it’s incredibly important to moisturize. Finding the right moisturizer was the most challenging for me, being as though I have insanely oily skin.

After doing research, I found that the use of argan oil on my face works best for my skin! If you’re worried about if argan oil will make your face greasy then think again! It’s so amazing that it was even great for helping clear up my acne! Not only that, it’s natural, vanishes dark spots and decreases chances of wrinkles. It’s important to check out how heavy or light oils are (depending on if you have oily skin, combination skin or dry skin.) Once you start moisturizing you’ll start to experience a softer, clearer, brighter face!

IMG_8909 - Edited

Ashy knees can be embarrassing. Lotions don’t last, so you find yourself moisturizing throughout the day. Which can be so annoying! I love using coconut oil on my skin after a shower for that reason. It hydrates my skin, keeping me moisturized all day! Not to mention it smells amazing, makes your skin glow and feel so smooth! Which do you prefer? Lotion or oil? Comment below.